Trans Scania Winter


On the surface, Trans Scania is one of the most Covid-safe events imaginable. After all, you’re basically on your own in the woods for a couple of days. But looking a little closer, things aren’t that simple. People travel from near and far to participate in the race, transportation to the start line is needed, the preparations for the start can be a bit chaotic and crowded, and during the race the runners visit grocery stores and restaurants along the route, as well as risk injuries that might require medical attention.

The virus is spreading at a continuously increasing rate in Skåne, and health care staff are begging people not to do anything but the absolute necessary.

Given these circumstances we cannot go though with Trans Scania Winter 2021, it’s just not the right thing to do. Of course it’s sad, but it’s a luxury problem if ever there was one.

The race will be postponed until 2022, and all runners keep their starts. A year goes by quickly, and after that we certainly hope the situation has improved dramatically. Should anybody wish to step out of the race we’ll of course refund the whole registration fee.

Please contact us and let us know what you would like to do.

Stay safe, and take care of your loved ones,
Magnus and Martin

Registration closed

After 24 hours we have 40 (!) applications for Trans Scania 2021. With nine runners postponed from last year we only have eleven spots to fill, which means we have an unreasonably long waiting list already. In the light of this we’ve chosen to close the registration for now.

Thanks for all the interest in the race! We’ll come back with a Covid-safe lottery next week.

Registration open

After some initial problems the registration for Trans Scania 2021 is now open. We’re looking forward to your applications!

Please note:

We’re getting plenty of email notifications about new registrations, but apparently the notifications to the participants aren’t coming through. We’re not sure why yet, but if the website says your registration was received then everything is in order.

We’ll send a manual email to all registered runners.

Registration open

The registration for Trans Scania Winter 2021 is now open. Trans Scania Winter is a race for Trans Scania finishers. However, in 2021 we’ll allow runners to invite a co-runner who does not have to have finished or participated in Trans Scania before. Read more on the Race info page. Co-runners register as regular participants, only providing a little bit more information.

If the race fills up before 08:00 Saturday, October 3, we’ll draw participants at random from a pool of all qualified registrations entered before that time.

Once you’re familiar with all the details, please proceed with your registration. Welcome!

Trans Scania Winter

Due to popular demand, we’ve decided to organize a second installation of Trans Scania Winter on January 22-24 2021. The same restrictions as last time will apply, that is the race is only open to Trans Scania finishers, and all runners must either run together with somebody or have online support keeping an eye on the map at all times. Even if we get another really mild winter the days are so short and the nights so dark that time of the year, so we feel more secure having these safety measures in place.

Registration will open in October, we’re looking forward to your application!


Trans Scania 2020 is officially over. The heat took out a few runners, but still fewer than we expected. On the contrary we saw several personal records beaten, very impressive given the circumstances!

A few of the trackers misbehaved this year, and we’ll discuss with our tracking partner how to avoid that next time.

Tomorrow we’ll sort out all the post-race admin work, but now it’s time for some well-needed rest. A big thanks to all participants, supporters, friends and family for making Trans Scania such a nice experience! It’s all thanks to you!

Race updates

It’s race week, and here are some updates ahead of the race.

  • According to the current weather forecasts, it’s going to be a really hot race by Swedish standards, with temperatures upwards of 27°C. Plan accordingly, and don’t take any unnecessary risks.
  • There will be a deviation in Lund on the way out due to railroad work. The navigation files have been updated to reflect this. Here’s a detailed view:
Deviation 2020
  • There is a gate across the trail between Snogeholmssjön and Eriksdal, it’s reportedly easy to open. Please make sure to close it again behind you.
Photo and report by Fredrik Lähnn
  • The water tap at Snogeholm doesn’t seem to provide drinking water this year, which is clearly indicated by a note next to it. The water locations have been updated.
Photo and report by Peter Jordow

And as always:

  • West of the golf course there are trail markings both in the woods and along the parallel road, the race route goes through the woods.
  • When going through Lövestad, the route goes around the Ica grocery store.

We’re looking forward to seeing everybody on the starting line!